A complete loft, home and garden de-cluttering service

Lofty Heights is a Social Enterprise with the primary purpose of helping less advantaged and elderly people to have warmer, healthier homes as well as creating employment for young adults, who have been disadvantaged through the lack of education opportunity, difficult personal situations or lack of employment.

The aim of Lofty Heights

The main aim of Lofty Heights is to address fuel poverty and to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people– we want to make a difference to individual’s lives and the wider community.

Lofty Heights provides a whole range of de-cluttering services from emptying lofts and spare rooms that are full of possessions, to garden and outbuilding clearing.

Meet the Team

Lofty Heights employs a team of local young people, giving them their first real opportunity of a job and training.

We put all team members through an intensive training programme at Otley College and on the job before they become full members of the Lofty Heights crew. We believe in giving young people a chance regardless of their formal qualifications. In return they deliver very high standards of service for all our customers.

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